On Saturday Rhiannon, Fraser, Grant, Tristan and I rode part of the circuit. It was new race for both the Men and Women.

There were a few pot holes and pinch points on rolling circuit with a hill up to the feed zone.

Weather was looking good, with an extended neutral zone due to a crash in the peloton.

The race set off and I got myself to the front.

‘I should be safe here’ I thought.

I did not feel safe at all… So, I know I was a little more nervous than needed but the standard of bike handling skills doesn’t seem to be improving in the bunch. It’s just getting faster but that’s not making it safer.

Anyways, I knew where I needed to be near the front, but I wasn’t quite far enough up. A couple of people chucked their chains off up a hill and stopping in the middle of the road and the bunch split.

I was on the wrong side of the split…

No panic – it happens. I was in a group of about 20 with only 6 working it looked like we were going to get back!

However even with me shouting ‘left then right across the road’ the riders on the front went left and missed the right turn!

So we turned around… the race had gone. Now just to get to the feed zone before the cut off.

It was a sunny day out and good to get the first national series race done.

My leg felt alright, but not strong enough to be in the wrong position, on to the next race 🙂


Image- Chris Maher

Thank you to the organisers and everyone involved in making the race happen, even with experiencing difficulties leading up to it. Hopefully it will be a race on the calendar in years to come.

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