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Ochil Green Studio is nestled in the center of Glenfarg Perthshire. A beautiful space looking over the green.

Appointments are available; Monday – Friday.

Weekly Pilates classes are in Glenfarg Village Hall 

and LetSBefit Studio

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Massage really is for everyone, you just need to find the type that best suits you!

Massage is commonly used to treat muscle tension, general aches and pains that typically arise from stress, injury, poor posture or movement dysfunction. Sport/Remedial Massage can be used for the general relaxation of the musculoskeletal system as well as being directed into local problem areas, thereby reducing pain and improving recovery.  Massage can help increase blood flow to the lymphatic system, improve circulation, relieve pain and aid relaxation to enable quicker recovery from injury and high training loads. Massage also helps towards preventing further injury.  You don’t have to be a sports person to benefit from massage.

Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage

The pressure of a massage can be adjusted to you. That could be a deeper/ firmer massage to relieve neck tension from working at a desk. Or a massage for you to relax and get that feel good factor, relieve stress and take some time out.

Sport Massage
This type of massage can be tailored to pre and post event massage. Maintenance massage during training blocks to keep your muscles fresh and suptle so you can continue your training load progression.  One of the advantage of regular sports massage through your training, it can help to highlight any imbalances that may start to occur as you progress your training. Being able to sport these signs early can help to reduce future injury and start to work on those areas to create a stronger and balanced platform.
Benefits of regular sports massage
– Reduce the chance of a niggle becoming an injury
– Increased mobility and flexibility
– Reduce muscle tightness and pain
– Regular massage can help you sleep better
– Massage increases blood flow to the muscles, which increases the amount of oxygen to the muscles and helps
with recovery.
Taping and Strapping

The main type of taping I use is dynamic tape – this supports the joint without restricting movement, with four way stretch. Also on an area of injury we can use the tape to lift and support the load in the area. 

Cupping Therapy
What does it do?
Cupping works with the meridian points (energy lines) the same as acupuncture does.  Where as new research and practice also uses the cups for massage and myofascial release.  The cups lift the skin and fascial layers, drawing up the old non-circulating stagnant blood from the area and increasing blood flow. The increased blood flow brings more nutriance and oxygen to the area, promoting the repair of the tissue.  Paired with massage (with cup or manual) you can then encourage the waste products to the lymph’s to be removed from the body. The lifting of the superficial muscles and fascial layers inside the cup, paired with the movement of the cups can create a stretching effect.
How can you benefit from Cupping?
 Increase blood flow to the area being cupped
 Reduce muscle pain and muscular tension
 Relaxation
 Reduce Congestion in the nervous system
 Lifts and stretches soft tissue to separate fascial restriction
 Increase range of movement and flexibility in joints
 Move waste products in the muscles, enabling normal lymphatic flow.
Cupping Therapy can be used as a relaxation treatment, Deep Tissue Massage and
on the Meridian Points.
Indian Head Massage
A massage focused on the head and neck area. This is a lovely massage to have and can be done fully clothed if required. Using acupressure points to achieve a relaxed calm mind. The aim is to relieve mental as well as physical stresses, that have accumulated in the neck, head, face and shoulder muscles.
Fascial Release

Fascial Release is a slow deep subtle technique. Which includes slowly melting into the fascia to stretch and release through the fascia.



Can help to reduce fascial and muscular tension

Improve blood flow

Can reduce fascial aches, pains and restrictions


Why should I have fascial release work? 

Releasing the fascia can then allow the muscles to move more freely, with hydrated and healthy fascia. The fascia is a connective structure that weaves in and out through the body. It can hold emotional stresses and physical tension.  Which over time can cause dysfunction through pain and reduced movement.

Hot and Cold Stone Massage

This type of massage can be used both as a relaxing treatment and as part of a deep tissue massage.

Releaving deep muscle tension with a therapeutic full body massage, appointments are from 45minutes up to a deeply rejuvenating 90 minutes.  The hot stones help to relax the muscles and releve areas of stress and tension. For a Fully body refrsh we start by creating a cosy wrap for your feet and setting placement stones on your stomach for a deeply grounding experance. We then work through neck, shoulders and face as we begin to let the stress melt away. Moving on to  the arms and legs as the eyes relax under a weighted eye pillow.  Following this you will turn over as we bring  focus to the back and feet. Finishing taking a few deep breaths with the placement stones along the spine. 

Cold stones can be use as well with great benifits to the face. The cold stones can help to reduce reddness and puffiness. The cold stone face massage can also help to reduce stress and relieve tension in the facial muscles. Alternativly cold stones can be used to aid recovery of muscles, increasing blood flow and reducing swelling.


Pilates Mat Pilates Classes – Glenfarg Village Hall

Ochil Green Studio Mat Pilates Classes are small mixed level classes. Small classes allow me ( Amy ) to ensure you are completing the exercises correctly with time and space for corrections where needed.  Pilates is a wonderful exercise that allows a variety of levels to challenge themselves in the same class. Working on Strength, Stability and Mobility for a whole body workout. Letting each breath guide us though class, bringing attention to the mind and body combined.

For beginners Ochil Green Studio offers a Beginners Pilates assessment for 45 minutes. This 1:1 enables you to learn and understand the basic foundations of Pilates for you to take into class. You will learn the importance of Pelvic floor activation and how to correctly set up for a range of Pilates exercises.  These foundations will allow you to progress in Pilates safely and effectively.

Mat Pilates Class Time Table

Morning Afternoon  Evening 
Monday  11am – 12pm 8pm – 9pm
Tuesday 9:15am – 10:15am                       7pm – 7:50pm 

To keep up to date with all the latest new and update for Ochil Green Studio Pilates please see my facebook group here.

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