I’m not sure I actually wrote a blog last year… I didn’t feel like I had anything positive to write and I struggled throughout the year with an on going injury.

However on reflection I did still get some good results and I know I was going strong at the beginning of the season, I just don’t think I realised as it was quickly over shadowed by injury.

Overall I didn’t enjoy my year, so enjoying 2017 not just in racing but outside of racing is must.

I finally got answers regarding my injury and I was pointed in the right direction at the end of September. I felt like someone was actually going to help me with an issue that caused problems from April.

Leading up to Christmas my training mainly consisted of being in the gym, more gym and a bit more gym! Fortunately I quite enjoy gym sessions!! I also started a Sport Massage course in Manchester.

After the new year I headed out to Tenerife, with Fraser for some sunny miles. After dragging myself up hills for a few days my leg finally felt like they knew what they were doing again. Even if I was still slow, it didn’t seem like such an effort just to ride my bike and  I was enjoying the sun.

One of the best things about being away training is the time to relax, not having to worry about work.

Back home and back to work. I was only home a few days and I face planted the floor while out on a ride – slipping on oil around a corner. Not fun. I received a lot of funny looks from people and it felt like I was starting all over again, I got back on my bike a week later through.

Fortunately, the only reminder from that crash is getting told I have pen mark above my lip… It’s a scar!

A couple of weeks later and I was happy and feeling like I was fit enough to actually push myself.

With a lot of days getting fed up, feeling like I was not moving forward, I’m glad to have started racing.

Ride your bike for enjoyment,

Race because you can.

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