The sun was shining but with a slight chill in the air we arrived at the HQ and began to get ready for the race. With a 9:30 roll out the race was neutralised to the course. The pace lifted and the first time up to the finish line the bunch was stretched but coming back together over the top. With a group clipping off, about 6 riders, and then another two going across to the group, it didn’t look like it was coming back. However as we approached half distance everyone was back together. Keeping myself up at the front I had a few attacks with not success, everything was closed down, it was looking like it could come to a bunch finish.

The bunch slowed as we approached the roundabout and a attack from the opposite side of the peloton was launched by Sarah Storey. With myself and Emily Kay the only ones to initially react, soon the bunch was on our wheels as we entered the roundabout, I attacked again on the other side of the roundabout into a harsh head wind, looking over my shoulder to see I had a gap and by myself I continued. However I only managed to get a short distance before the bunch had chased me down. The bunch then sat up and seemed to be just looking at each other.

Up over the finish line the pace was increased again with splits appearing in the bunch due to the riders attempting to get away over the top of the climb I followed wheels up at the front. But with no one willing to keep the pace on the bunch came back together again.
Approaching the finish Perlazumi increased the pace for the finish.
It was not a finish for me as it was a power sprint, I finished in the bunch.
I had a good race, just not the best finish.
Great organisation and race! – Cheshire Classic 2015

The 2015 Cheshire Classic Women’s Road Race Organised by Weaver Valley Cycling Club. Official race film by Presented by Heather Bamforth.

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