I would like to thank my personal sponsors for their support.

Chapeau! Chapeau! – The media management company – they are the people behind CyclingShorts.cc and responsible for the design and management of my website – www.chapeauchapeau.com

Chris Maher Photography – Photographer and member of the CyclingShorts.cc team is providing me with some great images, you’ll see them throughout my website – www.chrismaher.co.uk

NJD Sports Injury Clinic & Bike Fitting Services – Clients include Brian Cookson OBE (UCI President), National Cycling Champion Matt Bottrill, GB triathlete James Walker and me! –  www.njdsportsinjuries.co.uk

The Personal Training Group – provide me we personalised strength and conditioning training, visit their website here –www.thepersonaltraininggroup.co.uk


2020 Team and Sponsors

Velo Performance  

Farmers To Market, J.S. Campinense, C.M.L, UnderSheild, Bye Sports nutrition, JC Fitness, Verge

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