With 3 days of racing ahead for the Corley Drops girls and myself, our journey started with us all running to the van so we didn’t miss the boat crossing, it was the only car left in the car park line for the boat….
Our first race was on the Sunday; 95km, a relatively non eventful race for myself, as Jen got in the break which wasn’t caught until the last km, I finished in 30th.
Second day of racing brought a Belgium criterium, 30laps of a 3km circuit. After seeing the circuit I had already decided it wasn’t going to be a race for me. I was thankful to finish.
Finally the last day in Belgium which was another crib; 32 laps of a 2.2km circuit, with quite a narrow and twisty section on the back of the circuit. It was going to be another circuit I wasn’t well suited to.
A good few days racing in Belgium but I was looking forward to getting back to England to get ready for the Ladies Tour of Norway!

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