My National Championships started with the TT on 24th of June.
With my first national TT Championships and it being the furthest TT I had ever done, I was just looking to see what I could do.
The circuit was somewhat wearing, having ridden around the course the day before.
I was pleased with my time and learnt a lot, I am looking forward to developing my Time Trailing skills.

The National Road Race was to follow on Sunday the 28th of June. The route was a large loop then 4.5 smaller finishing loops including a cobbled climb up to the finish.
I rode quite comfortably up towards the front of the bunch on the large loop. With the wind picking up throughout the race it became increasingly apparent that position was very important. With a crash the first time up the cobbled climb causing me to have to chase back to the front.
After 3 times up the cobbled climb I was struggling to keep with the front group.
Happy to finish my first Senior National Championships!

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