Day 1

With an early start we arrived at the HQ.

It was overcast and a low temperature forecast for the race.

A brutal uphill start to neutralised section followed by rolling roads to the circuit and the race began. With heavy legs and the Pearl Izumi team keeping the pace high I sat in the bunch. Getting caught behind a crash I ended up in the second group on the road. The group rolled through and I finished the stage in the second group and looked towards the next day.


Day 2 
Another early start and a colder morning with rain soon to set in. The race set off in the same direction. I ensured I was at the very front of the peloton for the first time up the climb.  Keeping myself up at the front following the attacks from the Wiggle and  Pearl Izumi riders. With the rain becoming heavier and the temperature seeming to drop there was a crash which I was caught up in and I ended up in the grass and a riders bike ontop of me. Jumping up quickly and a getting my spare bike I was off again. Charline Joiner of WNT worked with me to get back, we made it to the front group. A lap and a half to go, I kept up in the front group until the last time up the climb, then the group split in half. Having used up a lot of energy to get back to the group and snow falling I was not able to keep with the front split. With a tough steep climb to the finish and positive my hands were no longer attached to my arms I finished with my group 15th and was bundled into the car to warm up. It was a great circuit for the first National Series Race!

Over the two days I ended up 15th GC. So a decent result from not the best weekend for me.

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