Day one- Stage One 
With a sunny day ahead on a rolling course of about 60 miles including the neutralised zone. The women were to race in with the men’s 3/4th race for logistical reasons. The race was off and I positioned myself at the front, with the pace instantly lifting and attacks non stop over the first couple of laps. The pace began to settle through the middle of the race with the men adjusting to having smaller riders in the bunch (myself – having made one rider jump as he didn’t see me) 3 riders clipped off with 2 laps to go. With the finish approaching I ensured that I was in the top ten of the bunch for a slightly uphill finish. The attacks started about 3km out and I followed wheels to keep up at the front and started my sprint with about 300m to go. A close finish between myself and Bex Rimmington I took the win.
With a ride back to the HQ and a warm down on the rollers I headed to the hotel to prepare for stage 2 the following day.
Day Two- Stage Two
The sun was one again shining and another 60 mile race was ahead of me. This course was slightly lumpier with some short sharp climbs leading to the finish. My positioning and riding in the bunch had defiantly improved from the day before, I was feeling much more comfortable in the bunch. The loop was smaller with the finish once again on a slight incline. On the first lap an attack was made up on one of the short climbs, where I made a big effort to ensure I kept contact with the front, only to be stopped shortly after due to our race catching the E,1,2,3 race. Once we set off again the racing started but not as vigorously. Most of the racing took place on the sharp climbs. I followed a few moves being well positioned up at the front. The pace started to lift with 2 laps to go. As I was beginning to feel fatigued I made sure I was at the front to allow room for myself to slip down the whittled down field up the hills. With no sprint left at the end I rolled over the line to finish 2nd in the women. A strong ride by Bex to take the win.
A fantastic event on great circuits and some good miles in the legs.
1st Bex Rimmington
2nd Amy Gornall
3rd Eve Dixson
Thank you to the organisers, hope to be there next year!
Emie x

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