I would like to thank my personal sponsors for their support.

SilentNight Beds – The UK’s leading sleep experts, they have been manufacturing beds and mattresses for over 70 years – www.silentnight.co.uk

Chapeau! Chapeau! – The media management company – they are the people behind CyclingShorts.cc and responsible for the design and management of my website – www.chapeauchapeau.com

Secret Training – The company behind the brilliant Strip System; a personal care range for cyclists. Secret Training also provide me with all my nutrition products. –  www.secret-training.cc

NJD Sports Injury Clinic & Bike Fitting Services – Clients include Brian Cookson OBE (UCI President), National Cycling Champion Matt Bottrill, GB triathlete James Walker and me! –  www.njdsportsinjuries.co.uk

Chris Maher Photography – Photographer and member of the CyclingShorts.cc team is providing me with some great images, you’ll see them throughout my website – www.chrismaher.co.uk

The Personal Training Group – provide me we personalised strength and conditioning training, visit their website here –www.thepersonaltraininggroup.co.uk

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